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Product release and download

Tableau Server 2019.4.1

We recommend using the newest maintenance release of this version, which contains additional fixes.

Download Tableau Server 2019.4.1 Download latest version (Recommended)

Download from a desktop

Tableau Server is not available for mobile devices. Please log in from a desktop computer to download.

Download unavailable

The download file for this version has been removed due to the security issues currently identified in CVE-2021-44228 and CVE-2021-45046. In order to address these security issues, you must update to the newest version of your desired Tableau product. For more information, please see the knowledge article Apache Log4j2 vulnerability (Log4shell)

After May 2023, fixed defects will no longer be posted here and can be found at

If you use the Data Catalog feature for Tableau Server (with the data management add-on), we recommend upgrading to Tableau Server 2019.4.2 or later. These versions contain a fix for an issue that prevents lineage from populating, database permissions not taking effect, and vizzes loading slowly. For more information, please see this Knowledge Base article.

Changes were applied to improve security. See ADV 2019-047 , 2019-048 , 2019-049, 2019-050, 2019-051, 2019-052, 2019-053, 2019-054, 2019-055, 2019-056 and 2019-057 in Security Bulletins for more details.

Resolved Issues

Issue ID Description

Node became unlicensed when moving the license service to another node in multi-node server environment


When clicking the "Forgot Password" option from the Tableau Server login page, nothing happened after inputting a username and no e-mail was received.


Unable to connect to Google BigQuery field that is part of a Record. Error "Name 'fieldname' not found inside 'recordname'".


Tableau Desktop 2019.4.0 does not recognize the following 3 Japanese cities: 1. 丹波篠山市 (Tamba-Sasayama, Hyōgo)- city changed its name from 篠山市 to 丹波篠山市 in May 2019. 2. 標津町 (Shibetsu-chō, Hokkaido) 3. 那珂川市 (Nakagawa, Fukuoka)- city founded on October 2018, from 筑紫郡那珂川町.


All Tableau releases have been upgraded to JDK 8 minor version 232 GA.


Upgrading Tableau Server failed at "71% - Failed to start search server" and "Failed to rebuild Search Index" if Tableau Server was installed in a file path that contained parentheses "()".


Guest User not appearing under the "Users" tab after enabling at Server and Site levels.


Some worksheets in non-default sites did not load correctly for guest users when guest access was disabled on the default site.


Clicking the ID of a failed job from a non-default site resulted in the error "An error occurred while getting the Job Details for this Job".


Canceling the background job for a flow failed with the error "Failed to cancel background job type[RunFlow]"


Some extract refresh failures did not send email notifications.


UPN prefix longer than 20 characters imports username with sAMAccountName, not UPN prefix as expected.


After upgrading Tableau Server and/or loading a Tableau Server view, errors 400 and 414 occurred. For more information, please refer to this Tableau Knowledge Base article.


After upgrading Tableau Server from 9.3 to 2019.2.4 every URL returns a "414 Request-URI Too Long" error.


Refreshing a Google BigQuery extract that used custom SQL failed with "The Google BigQuery service was unable to compile the query. Syntax error: Unexpected" if certain characters were present in the name of the custom SQL query.


Connecting to Google Sheets via Web Edit sometimes failed with the following error ""An error occurred when connecting to your data source. The data source might be corrupt or not valid."


Installing Tableau Server sometimes failed with an "access violation exception (0xC0000005)" error.


On a live site: extract refresh succeeded, then seemed to fail, but in fact did succeed and recorded new versions of everything in postgres, before deleting the new extracts so workbooks point to nowhere.


Tableau Server sometimes failed to send an email when the data engine's status changed.


Searching the Data Pane in Japanese or Chinese sometimes had unexpected results.


In MacOS Mojave dark mode, significant UI text is missing in the Data pane, Analytics pane, and Save dialog when exiting.


Log file growth was faster than expected, and could lead to running out of disk space. For more information, see this Tableau Knowledge Base article.


When viewing the published workbook, the view loads for a few seconds and then throws Uncaught TypeError: "Cannot read property 'quickFilter' of null" error, when loading dashboard in Tableau Server 2019.4 and later.


Canceling a job from the Jobs page successfully stopped the job, but the number under Queue Time (min) continued to increase.


Canceling a background job for a flow failed with a "Failed to cancel background job type[RunFlow]" error.


Hourly schedules now being scheduled to run at the top of the hour, rather than every half hour on top of the hour and at the 30 minute inteval.


A giant "X" appears when viewing custom views in Tableau Server on Internet Explorer 11 and Windows 7.


Subscriptions intermittently fail with error "The view snapshot in this email could not be properly rendered" due to "Datasource not found in repository".


Reference line text formatting appears different from Tableau Desktop once published up to Tableau Online.


When disabling or unchecking "Allow Support Access" to a Tableau Online site, the following error is displayed: "Some or all of the settings failed to save. Try again."


Login to Tableau Server on Linux delayed by 20 to 30 seconds when the echo service is unreachable on domain controllers.


When adding a node to a Tableau Server cluster on Windows, the installation of Tableau Server on the new node eventually fails and rolls back and the following error might occur: "Tableau Service Manager (TSM) Error: The server may not have started properly. Part of the installer exited with error code:1. Check the logs: [path]\logs\app-worker-install.log for more information. [OK]"

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