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Tableau Prep 2020.3.3

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Windows Mac OS

Release date

Tue, 15 September, 2020

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Resolved Issues

Issue ID Description

Running a flow from the command line would fail when no Site was specified in the ".tfl" file.


Column order can be incorrectly changed when running an output file from the Prep command line interface.


Calculations could appear as a mismatched field when performing a Union of the same published data source.


When running a flow connecting to a SAS server via the generic ODBC connection, the following error would sometimes occur, "ERROR 22-322: Syntax error, expecting one of the following: !, !!, &, *, **, +, ',', -, /, , =, >, >=, ?, AND, AS, CONTAINS, EQ, EQT, FROM, GE, GET, GT, GTT, LE, LET, LIKE, LT, LTT, NE, NET, OR, ^=, |, ||, ~=."


After running a flow, the order of the fields in the resulting CSV did not always match what was expected.

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