Tableau is focused on one thing: helping people see and understand data. Organisations everywhere – from non-profits to global enterprises, and across all industries and departments – are empowering their people with data. No matter their role, people and teams are using Tableau to uncover new insights and opportunities, and create a culture of data-driven decision-making like never before. Learn more about how organisations like yours are using the Tableau platform for business intelligence and data visualisation solutions.

How different industries use Tableau for business intelligence

No matter your industry, your business or your role, Tableau can bring your data to life through powerful, interactive analytics. Organisations all over the world use Tableau to make data-driven decisions quickly and confidently.


Organisations in healthcare and life sciences bring together public health and patient data to evaluate and better allocate resources to programmes that improve patient care and save lives.


Schools at all levels can bring sophisticated analytics to education, using data to identify metrics that indicate student and programme success.


From banking and wealth management to insurance, Tableau helps replace static and manual reports with interactive dashboards, whether data is on-premises or in the cloud.

Public sector

Government agencies, associations and non-profits use Tableau to track the impact of their programmes and increase transparency with interactive visualisations that make data easier for everyone to understand.

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"The best part of Tableau has been the impact we see on the communities we serve. Data drives discussions about where we want to go, our expectations, our hopes and the impacts we hope to have."

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Diverse departments and roles use Tableau to work together

Tableau offers your entire organisation transformative speed to insight and self-reliance through interactive, visual analysis. Align teams on goals and expectations, and innovate to respond to customer needs quickly.

Sales & marketing

Sales and marketing teams can drive and measure their impact with customers by connecting to their CRM and marketing systems to visually analyse data in Tableau.

Support & services

Analytics give support and service departments the visibility into customers and operations needed to optimise customers’ experiences and improve satisfaction and loyalty.


With Tableau, finance departments can go beyond spreadsheets and manual processes to analyse cash flow, travel and expenses, and more with interactive dashboards.


Tableau can offer IT management a complete picture of their business to help manage, monitor and maintain all of the organisation’s systems – with robust integration capabilities.


Executives of all technical skills can understand data and ask the right questions with rich data visualisations that provide actionable insights.

Tableau works seamlessly with leading technologies across your data pipelines

Tableau has an extensive partner network with the best names in cloud, data prep and management, data science, and more. Our integrations ensure a powerful, end-to-end modern analytics solution that fits with your existing technology investments.

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Tableau Blueprint helps you build a data-driven culture

With intuitive analytics for everyone, Tableau helps organisations build a data culture that values and prioritises informed decision-making. And we understand that it takes more than the right technology to drive lasting change. Tableau Blueprint combines our expertise and customers’ best practices as a step-by-step methodology to creating a data-driven organisation.