High Technology Analytics

From concept to coding, from deployment to support, the high-tech industry is a numbers game, with the potential to generate vast amounts of data. Tableau makes that information useful, helping you speed up time-to-market, improve user experiences, and build on success. With fast performance and intuitive visualisations, you can explore and understand high volumes of data in minutes—whether it’s a website clickstream or an infrastructure event log. Explore patterns that emerge from thousands or millions of users, understand product trends, and even embed Tableau inside applications to differentiate your offerings.

The Power of Data in High Tech to Drive Smarter Decisions


With digital transformation accelerating exponentially across every sector, companies in today’s competitive business landscape are increasingly looking for more intelligent ways to run their organisations.

This report uncovers how High Tech businesses across software, IT services and B2B hardware can accelerate transformation to truly embrace data- led decision-making and so become faster, more relevant and agile as we move into an entirely new business landscape.

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Tableau partners with All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) to empower educators and students in over 10,500 higher education institutions across India with data skills


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Creating a Connected High Tech Business with Centralised Analytics

The High Tech industry is rapidly changing, driven by evolving customer demands, M&A activity and the explosion of data, both operational and IoT.

How do you go about breaking down the data siloes that exist in your business to create an agile high tech organisation and enable the rapid decision making needed to succeed?

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When we first started with Tableau, we were just thinking about dashboarding and reporting. We never thought Tableau would fundamentally change the DNA of the organisation. It’s not just about a solution or a technology, it’s about how the culture towards data has changed.

How Cisco Systems uses Tableau to identify supply chain network opportunities

Working with over 14,000 items in Tableau, Cisco is able to evaluate Product Demand Variability, align distribution centers with customers, evaluate the location and spend within the supply chain and illustrate the flow of goods through the SC network. Cisco Systems will focus on the Supply Chain department's use of Tableau, particularly in the balancing of a complex network of suppliers to the end customer in order to manage inventory and reduce the order-to-ship cycle.

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We totally fell in love with Tableau and the promises that you have to offer actionable, readily available data that everybody can consume, not only the analyst and the power users, but everybody in an organization.