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Visual analysis best practices: A guidebook

You’ve made a visualisation! Congratulations: you are part of a small but growing group that’s taking advantage of the power of visualisation. However, bringing your visualisations from “good” to “...

Drive contact center success with data

The extraordinary circumstances of the last two years created radical shifts in customer demands and expectations. To retain customers, stay competitive, and build brand loyalty, CSPs must make the...

Transform Financial Services contact centers with data

In the wake of unprecedented challenges brought on by the pandemic, today’s digital-first customers are driving Financial Services institutions to compete not only on pricing and selection, but also...

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Convince your boss Tableau is right for your team

You know that investing in Tableau makes sense. Decision-makers have a bigger appetite for data, and the more they see, the more they want. They might not understand how much more value you could...

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Visualize to Monetize: How using data analytics externally can open new opportunities

The post-covid business landscape will see the ‘survival of the data fittest’ with those that win adopting both a data transformation and harnessing the monetisation of that data...

Strengthen the Supply Chain with Real-Time Vendor Analytics

Empower stores with the granular data they need to manage the supply chain, meet ever-changing customer expectations, and thrive amid the tumultuous changes challenging the retail market....

Transform Restaurant Operations with QSR Analytics

Empower Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) with automation and smart technology that improves customer experiences and satisfaction, improves operational efficiency, and increases food quality and...

Strategies for Driving Adoption and Usage with BI and Analytics

Although adoption rates of BI/analytics tools are stuck in the 20% range, usage rates are increasing due to self-service tools, embedded analytics, and support for external users. In addition,...

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Data Trends 2022 Report

In an increasingly complex world, organizations everywhere are making some of their biggest bets on data and technology. Innovation is having a profound impact on the way work now gets done, shifting...

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IDC: Bridging the Data Divide: Bringing Data Science to Business Workflows

In recent research conducted by global market intelligence firm, IDC, 75% of company executives said that their data and analytics strategy is critical to their business resilience going forward....