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Title Length
Embracing Flexible Data Governance

As the pandemic has pushed more people to work remotely, the need to establish ground rules for accessing data has become more urgent. Developing a strategy to manage the abundance of data your...

58 min
Industry conversation: How insights & data-driven decisions made HomeToGo resilient

Part of the series 'Leading through change with Data and Analytics'.

We have known there is an imperative to go digital and transform for a while, but that imperative is only increasing and...

32 min
Cloud Analytics: Scaling AWS and Tableau at Deutsche Bahn

Want to learn how Deutsche Bahn—Europe's biggest railway operator—overhauled their analytics infrastructure by migrating to a scalable, cloud-based solution built on AWS and Tableau? Join this...

50 min
  • Financial Services
  • Insurance
Driving Data Culture: Understanding Governance

Governance that makes self-service possible and the anchor point that drives all decisions across the organization.

Register and attend any of the sessions in The Vault to learn from our...

59 min
The Impact of analytics in Africa with Copia Kenya

In this webinar we will be talking to Mark Odhiambo, Head of Analytics @ Copia Kenya.

Meaning "abundance" in Latin, Copia was founded in 2013 by Silicon Valley veterans, Tracey Turner and...

69 min
The New Leadership Mindset: Putting Data First

Ongoing developments surrounding the global pandemic have required companies to reevaluate every aspect of their business. Business leaders have had to adopt innovative strategies to remain...

49 min
  • Higher Education
Virtual Event — Higher Education Summit

Higher Education Summit: Moving Forward with Data

Now more than ever, data is critical to making decisions in education as the traditional learning landscape continues to evolve. How can...

107 min
  • Financial Services
  • Insurance
Augmented Analytics with Tableau - Ask Data & Explain Data

Augmented analytics gives Tableau users new ways to see and understand data. Without the requirement of having to learn advanced analytic techniques, Tableau has embedded AI/ML capabilities in a...

50 min
  • Life Sciences
Product Launch Best Practices

The days and weeks following FDA approval are critical to the overall success and longevity of a new drug to market. Ensuring accurate and reliable data that can drive action across various...

61 min
  • Healthcare Providers
Tracking and Managing Vaccination for COVID-19 and Influenza

As winter approaches, flu season begins, COVID-19 cases trend up, and vaccines complete the final stages of their clinical trials, healthcare organizations need to ensure they are effectively...

26 min