On-demand webinar

Top Reasons To Consider Advanced Analytics for Your Organization

Advanced analytics is being embraced at an increasing rate by organizations that need to gain actionable insight from their vast amounts of both structured and unstructured information. Although much of the technology that comprises advanced analytics has been around for decades, over the past several years, adoption has increased for a number of reasons. Factors contributing to the growth of advanced analytics include a better understanding of the technology, user-friendly interfaces, increased computational power, the state of the economy, and the desire to extend the value of BI implementations to provide deep insights that can make a company more competitive. This webinar provides an introduction to advanced analytics and how they can be useful for your organization.

You will learn:

  • What advanced analytics is all about and how companies are using it
  • The value of advanced analytics
  • Best practices for getting started with advanced analytics

In partnership with TDWI.

Speaker: Fern Halper, Director of TDWI Research for Advanced Analytics