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The Age of Data Exploration Anywhere: Insight Ahoy!

Data is enjoying a meteoric rise in profile among business users: analysing it for outcome-improving insights consistently ranks as a top priority among enterprises globally. Intuitive accessibility has risen up the agenda and is all about breaking down the barriers to adopting and using analytic technologies to make smarter decisions – on the go and when you are with customers. At the same time, being an explorer does not mean being anti-establishment; instead, it is more about evolving the rules of engagement.

How do you know which cloud analytics platform best fits your needs today? The answer is simple: Go back to the drawing board and start thinking as a customer first.

Watch this on-demand webinar to hear from Surya Mukherjee, Senior Analyst at Ovum, and Tableau customer Richard Crowe, Head of Data and Analytics at Shopitize about how data and analytics in the cloud can empower your organisation to make better decisions from anywhere.

About the speakers

Surya Mukherjee

Senior Analyst, IT - Information Management, Ovum

Richard Crowe

Head of Data & Analytics at Shopitize
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