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Learn How Tableau Enhances Business Courses at Bulgaria's Most Prestigious University

Adding Tableau to the classroom will enhance any curriculum. Spend less time teaching software and more time helping students think critically, asking and answering questions, and exploring data.

The University of National and World Economy (UNWE) is established in 1920. It is the oldest, the most prestigious and the largest economic university in Bulgaria. During this webinar, lecturers Dorina Kabakchieva and Stanislava Tropcheva will share how they are using Tableau in their Business Intelligence courses.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how:

  • European professors have integrated Tableau into their business school curriculum.
  • Students benefit in school and during their career search when they learn Tableau skills in the classroom.
  • Your professors and students can take advantage of Tableau's Academic Programs.

About the speakers


Dorina Kabakchieva

Chief Assistant Professor - University of National and World Economy

Dorina has a double MSc degree in Informatics and Educational and Training Systems Design obtained at Twente University in the Netherlands. She also has a MSc degree in Engineering from the Technical University in Sofia.
She is now a chief assistant professor at the University of National and World Economy and a researcher at the Scientific and Research Department, Sofia University “St. Kl. Ohridski”.

Dorina's main areas of expertise are Business Intelligence, Data Mining, eBusiness, Extended Enterprises, eGovernment, Academy-Industry collaboration. She has also work on a few projects such as the FP7 projects SISTER, UNITE, I-SEEMob, the FP6 projects GUIDE, focused on the development of an open Identity Management architecture for the eGovernment at EU level, and E4, targeted at the development of a collaborative environment for SMEs in Europe. She has also previously participated in the Joint Research Projects: REGEBLab “Research and Competency E-Government and E-Business Lab Development”, focused on the scientific co-operation between Eastern Europe and Switzerland (SCOPES 2005 – 2008), and the MINERVA project VEBS, focused on the development of an innovative demand-oriented e-learning model in the banking sector.


Stanislava Tropcheva

Business Consultant of Information Technologies, Adastra Bulgaria

Stanislava is a Business Intelligence Developer at Adastra Bulgaria, since January 2015.
She has been attracted by the Business Intelligence world while she was a student and she has been working on various BI projects since then.
Until now she has specialised in visualising and analysing data, designing reports and dashboards in Tableau, QlikView and MicroStrategy.
Tableau is her Business Intelligence “First Love” and she enjoys teaching students how to create great vizes with it.


Jivka Stoeva

Former student of the Business Intelligence course at the University of National and World Economy

Jivka graduated in 2014 and she attended the Business Intelligence course at the University of National and World Economy where she was introduced to Tableau.

During the webinar, Jivka will share her feedback using Tableau and will explain how she has been using Tableau. She will also explain how she has worked together in a team to do some projects using Tableau and understanding the different functionalities.


Rosen Gyurov

Former student of the Business Intelligence course at the University of National and World Economy

Rosen graduated from the BI course at the University of National and World Economy only a few weeks ago.

He will share some of his thoughts about the BI course and his experience with Tableau and will explain how Tableau is helping to build skills in the Business Intelligence area.

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