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CFO Boardroom Discussion: Creating operational efficiencies, mitigating risk, and driving growth through a pandemic with Tableau, CFO, Damon Fletcher

Today’s CFO is operating in the wake of COVID-19 where fast decisions need to be made while taking precautions and preparing for recovery. According to McKinnsey “The board’s most important functions in the wake of COVID-19 are threefold: one is making sure that employees are being treated decently and that the company is taking all the precautions it can. Second is obtaining an objective, insightful understanding of the business and trends. And third is anticipating and preparing for recovery. The key in all three areas is having high-quality data to inform the board’s decisions and to share with employees. Of course, getting data from a market in freefall is never easy. This is where you need CFOs to be absolutely on top of their game.”

A CFO must be disruptive, agile, a talented financial expert, and also have the creativity of a tech entrepreneur. They need to raise questions not only on how much an organization is spending but also on how it’s billing, who they are billing and the type of business they need to bring in. Data is the foundation of how these decisions are made and the ability to have visibility at speed and at scale is mission critical in today’s climate.

Please join Tableau’s own CFO, Damon Fletcher where he will lead an interactive boardroom discussion on the CFOs road from crisis to recovery. Focusing on Operational efficiencies, mitigating Risk and driving growth from the lens of the CFO.

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