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Building a Culture of Analytics in Government

Gathering lots of data is easy in today’s environment—most agencies are already collecting more than they can handle. How that data is used to make better decisions on mission critical programs is harder.

The President’s Management Agenda makes it clear that agency data should be used strategically to improve performance, identify inefficiencies and cost savings, and provide transparency. Building a culture of analytics, including making sure all stakeholders have timely access to the right data that is accurate and understandable, is critical to achieving this goal.

During this digital event, Nextgov will convene federal data experts to discuss real strategies for gleaning more actionable insights from your data. Join us for a discussion about:

  • Overcoming organization barriers to data sharing
  • Building an analytics-driven culture
  • Integration disparate data sources into an understandable stream
  • Driving change through data and analytics

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