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Imagine if your people used data because they wanted to— not because they had to. Give them opportunities to connect with their peers. To learn, experiment, and explore. Together. With a data community built into your organization, people will start seeing data as approachable, valuable, and fun. It's community that puts data at the center of every conversation. And that's why you'll find it at the heart of a thriving Data Culture.

"Tableau makes it easy to get people excited about data, including people who might otherwise get intimidated. Now, they can see how easy it is to log in and start looking at insights."

Quick-start guides for your next community program

Informed by best practices in Tableau Blueprint and examples from our most successful customers, we've created these quick-start guides to help you as you build your community. Explore the different programs for inspiration, follow stepped guidance, or leverage out-of-the-box materials. 


Data Champion

Data Champions

Invest in your organization's most passionate champions. In return, you’ll have an extended network of Tableau enthusiasts with the skills necessary to support users and accelerate adoption.
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Internal User Groups

Bring data people from across your organization together with regular user group meetings where they'll learn from one another, exchange fresh perspectives, and celebrate successes.
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Data Doctor

Data Doctor

Connect your organization’s data experts with their colleagues for live, peer-to-peer support. Along the way, you'll identify departmental or organizational knowledge gaps.
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Viz Design Workshop

Viz Design Workshop

Host an interactive workshop to help your users take their dashboards from good to great. Peer review demonstrates in real-time the power of collaboration.
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Viz Games Icon

Viz Games

Challenge your users to a data visualization competition. The excitement and camaraderie that follows will convince even the skeptics that working with data is fun.
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There's more in Tableau Blueprint

Tableau Blueprint is a step-by-step guide to building the capabilities you need to create a successful Data Culture in your organization. Zoom out to see the big picture, including how community fits into your deployment.

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Additional Resources

eLearning Path

Follow a free learning path custom-made for the Community Leader role, then earn a badge to prove your skills.

Community Drivers User Group

Connect virtually with people from across the globe who are driving their organization's community efforts.

All Hands on Data

Organizations are equipping their people with data and analytics to help them navigate the unknown. Understand why.