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Total cost of ownership

Analysts find total ownership cost of alternatives is 29% higher than Tableau

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Evaluating net cost and business value

The report was authored by Bill Kirwin, Founder and President of International Institute of IT Economics (and former Gartner analyst). Bill is acknowledged as the creator of IT Total Cost of Ownership methodology and corresponding models. The report offers best-practice recommendations for accurately assessing the total cost of ownership and value of business intelligence solutions. These recommendations include:

  • Infrastructure, software, data and labour costs: Comprehensively evaluate costs including FTE or vendor resources and end user training
  • Net business value: Assess the value created by end users minus the cost of the effort employed to create the value
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Tableau was also far easier to use, receiving our survey's highest 'ease of use' score of 4.8 out of 5, while other solutions were rated an average 2.0.

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