Stellar Selects Tableau Software for Deeper Analytics and Easier Data Communications Across Four Continents

Tableau’s BI suite will also enable Stellar call center employees to individually track and improve performance

Publication date: Wed, 01/06/2011 - 07:45

SEATTLE – June 1, 2011 – Tableau Software, the global leader in rapid-fire business intelligence software, today announced that Stellar, a managed customer relations provider, has selected Tableau to ease data communications with clients and help individual employees take a more active role in boosting call center performance. As a global company operating 16 call centers across four continents, Stellar found Tableau’s business intelligence (BI) suite to be uniquely suited to blend data across multiple platforms, without sacrificing speed, flexibility or ease of use.

“With a growing roster of data-driven clients, we needed to upgrade our internal processes from spreadsheets and pivot tables, but couldn’t burden our IT department with an overly complex BI tool,” said Andy Domenico, Quality and Process Improvement Manager at Stellar. “With Tableau, it’s basically a matter of plugging the tool in to our existing data systems and hitting go. Tableau meets all of the visualization, analysis and reporting needs we have today, with the potential to scale up to a bigger deployment when we need one down the line.”

Domenico said Stellar will use Tableau to handle all the company’s internal metrics, taking advantage of the tool’s intuitive, visual approach to data analytics, which can turn otherwise complex analyses into simple, drag-and-drop operations.

Additionally, Tableau lets users easily create dashboards to share information with others—a feature Stellar is using to more smoothly communicate trend analyses and performance reports back to clients. Users can connect to virtually any data source and rapidly generate easy-to-interpret interactive dashboards, reports and visualizations. In just a few clicks, data can be shared so that anyone using a browser can interact with and review the live analytics. “Tableau helps us display data in a way that we love, and that our clients love too,” Domenico said.

Stellar’s Tableau deployment will also help call center employees track their own performance week by week, through compelling visualizations that show not only how their performance is progressing but also how their actions correspond with Stellar’s profitability.

“By giving employees more access to data through Tableau, Stellar is providing every employee with the insights they need to create a better customer experience for callers, and ultimately a better return on investment for Stellar’s clients,” said Christian Chabot, Tableau’s CEO and co-founder. “This goes to the heart of Tableau’s own philosophy—that one person, given the right tools, can make a huge difference at a company. This is why ease of use has always been paramount at Tableau, not just for specialized analysts but for regular business users.”

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