Tableau customers continually face the challenge of applying analytics to their data discovery workflows. Companies are putting a stronger focus on the analytic step in order to derive better insights when exploring their data. This need for analytics is why Tableau is excited to announce our new partnership with Lavastorm Analytics.

Lavastorm provides the necessary tools for easy, self-service, analytics that result in a TDE file being created for Tableau users to explore. This is a marriage of the analytic process and the visual discovery process that help our users become smarter with their data.

The integration with Lavastorm makes it easy for customers to get started. You can download a free trial of Lavastorm (with the TDE functionality) from their website. There is also training and video tutorials available from the Lavastorm training site. After using the Lavastorm Analytics Engine to acquire, prepare, and federate data from multiple sources, you can publish results directly to the Tableau Data Extract format. This format can be opened in Tableau for quick visual exploration.

You can also see Lavastorm as one of our sponsors at the upcoming Tableau Customer Conference!