Tableau CEO Quoted in the Financial Times!

It’s always exciting to see Tableau featured in the media but we were especially excited this week to see our CEO, Christian Chabot, quoted in the UK’s influential Financial Times.

In Alan Cane’s article, “Perspectives: Will tarsiers inherit the earth?” he examines the importance of visualizing information in order to understand it. Alan writes, “Visual cues are becoming increasingly important both in consumer and professional IT. They can provide information in an easily understood form and both speed up and simplify analysis of data.”

Christian points out in the article that it’s not just about seeing data, but about understanding what questions to ask of it, “The impact of visualisation is not the expected one. When people say ‘It’s visualisation’ it is almost like they are picturing a chart that will enable them to visualise information in amazing graphical ways that they have never seen before. But that is not the point. Visualisation is the vehicle for making it easy for a human being to ask questions of data,” he says.

The article goes on to point out the success of tablet computers and analyzing data on the go. We agree, and have made our rapid-fire analytics available on the iPad as a result.

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