How to Drive Change: 6 Best Practices

Change is hard. That's what many people find when they discover a better way and then try to bring their organization along. But there are good and bad ways to drive change. Those who are acting as champions of change need a bag of tricks to help them move things along. Because the alternative is the same old way as before, which is probably inefficient and painful-- and likely holding you back.

A new whitepaper outlines 6 Best Practices to Drive Change in an organization:

  1. Start small: Show results, however small, before you get involved in a massive project.
  2. Re-create the wheel: Reproduce what’s been done before, but with the new approach. This gives people a stepping stone—they know they won’t lose their current capabilities. Then you can build on that.
  3. Make them jealous: Show the new beside the old and make people wish they had what you have. Then share it with them.
  4. Create an elite club: Associate the change with smart, forward-thinking people in your organization and watch others follow.
  5. Give prizes: Run a contest to get people to try the new tool or process. Make it fun and give prizes, even small ones.
  6. Serve drinks: Good snacks and drinks at a networking/ training event can go a long way to getting people there and getting them involved.

Each of these tools can help you in your mission to expose and convert people to a new and better way of doing things. The goal is to go from a better idea to a better way: to make the change real.

Get the whitepaper.

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