Tableau Saves Chicago More Time

New year, new Tableau release, and new user groups. This year we launched our second Chicagoland user group in the suburbs, and we had more then 40 excited Tableau users come to the innaugural meeting to see Tableau 6.1.

As the saying goes, "time is money." Tableau helps our users save both, but we're always looking for even more ways to give more time back to our customers. That's why we're adding in data extract features into 6.1, to help our users save more time. No longer do you need to refresh your entire data extract just to add a couple more rows. Clicking one button will refresh all your extracts for you. And now you can even view your data before you join it to another table to make sure it actually looks right.

Just like its Chicago counterpart, this user group was excited about 6.1 knowing that it will help them do what they want to do--faster.

And what would a user group be without a new iPad owner? Congratulations to Brian Thompson of Corn Products Intenational!

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