What You're Missing at the Tableau European Conference

The Tableau Customer Conference is in Amsterdam on May 9-11th and you could be very disappointed if you miss it.

We wanted to be sure that our first dedicated European Conference would be talked about for years to come. Expect to see world famous leaders in business intelligence and data visualization, like Stephen Few, and Simon Rogers of the Guardian Datablog.

But this isn't just about high level topics! Solve your most puzzling BI problems with our individual Tableau Doctors. Not only will these product experts help you cure your most dogged BI ailments, they will get you started on the path to your next Tableau success.

Although the keynotes and Tableau Doctor will more than take care of your ROI, we wanted to make sure everyone walks away with a complete Tableau toolbox. Jump into sessions on dashboarding, using large data, mapping, mobile BI and much more. We even have special pre-conference workshops, for those who want to polish their qualifications and truly become BI Jedi's.

When the workday is done, enjoy our customer appreciation party at the Heineken Experience, or go out on your own in one of Europe's most beautiful and exciting cities.

The real question is, why not register now?

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