Flying Binary’s CTO Ian Taylor recently guest blogged on the Parallels Consumer Tech Blog.

In his post, Ian demonstrates how easy it is to run Tableau on Parallels on a Mac.

Ian describes how great it is to have access to native Mac and Windows software in a single sleek 15" silver box. He also described how the flexibility of Parallels allows him to work the way that he wants, rather than being forced into one particular way of doing things.

Mac Parallells
Ian uses Crystal and Coherence modes to create a seamless experience between his Mac OS X desktop and the Windows applications running in Parallels.

If you love Macs, and you want Tableau, then Ian believes the cost, stability and ease of use make it a no-brainer.


Hi to the Tableau team

Thanks for including this guest blog on your Tableau Blog.

We have had a number of follow ups from the Tweeps on Twitter who are looking at switching to Mac for Tableau. Several have said they haven't bought Tableau because they are Mac users, so some new licenses on the way to you we think.

Looking forward to Version 6


I use Parallels on my Mac to run Tableau... for 8+ hours a day. I've had no problems. Runs like a charm.

Also looking forward to T6.