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Fast to create. Fast to market. Your product, powered by Tableau.

Imagine giving your customers access to powerful analytics, all from within your application or product. With our embedded analytics solution, you can do just that. Empower your customers with industry-leading analytics capabilities to drive your product engagement and customer satisfaction. With Tableau, you can quickly and easily get to market with a solution that is easy to customize, integrate, and deploy. Stay focused on your area of expertise, and let Tableau take care of the analytics.

The analytics your customers want

Deliver flexible visual analytics to your customers quickly and easily. Embed our industry-leading dashboards and make your solution shine. Empower your customers to gain value from their data.

The best use of your resources

Let your engineers focus on what they do best: building a great product. And let us worry about what we do best: delivering analytics that are fast, powerful, and easy to use.

A fast go-to-market solution

Integrate, deploy, and get to market quickly with Tableau’s comprehensive embedded solution. From customer support to product training and roadmap collaboration, Tableau is focused on delighting your customers.

We are in this together

From concept to deployment, think of us as your extended team. We are here to help you delight your customers. Engage with our active developer community, learn from hundreds of hours of free training, and be part of our product roadmap collaboration.

Tableau has all the embedded capabilities you're looking for

Analytics that fit into your product

Let your application determine how to interact with the dashboard.

Wrap it your way

Use the JavaScript API to make your Tableau dashboards part of the full experience for your customers, from custom logos to navigation. A seamless integration gives you the control to embed your way.
Using the REST API, control which content is displayed for a specific user.

Deliver the right data to the right people

Manage and control who sees what views and dashboards using the REST API. Integrate Tableau Server's user management with the embedding application's user management. Plus maintain the content and permissions based on the state of your application.

Make it mobile

Let your customer see their data wherever they interact with your application. With the Mobile App Bootstrap, create a custom app from scratch, modify an existing mobile app, or learn best practices for embedding Tableau into your mobile app.

Our customers will gain new insights and interpret their data in ways not seen before.

Monetize Your Data with Embedded Analytics

Data Monetization – Use Cases, Implementation and Added Value

Read this survey-based study to learn how companies are embedding analytics into a products, to create new revenue streams or using portals with embedded analytics to improve internal processes such as marketing, customer experience or the maintenance of equipment.

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Turn Data into Products - From data scientist to data business owner

Learn the path to establishing a data business, data business models and strategies technology selection and data architecture plus use cases and more.

Data Monetization Webinar Series

Watch this webinar series to learn how quick and easy it is to embed analytics into your own product–so you can increase product adoption while enabling your customers to make real-time data-driven decisions.

Embedding Analytics - Build vs. Buy

7 Criteria to Consider When Embedding BI

From increased customer engagement to new revenue opportunities, embedding analytics into your application, portal or website has definite business value.This paper will help you understand and evaluate the criteria that can guide you to make a well-informed decision that best suits your product and organization.

Read the Whitepaper
Adding value with embedded analytics: A guide to embedding with Tableau

In this paper, you’ll learn more about how Tableau integrates with simple web pages, custom web portals, 3rd party applications and customer-facing products.

Build vs. Buy Webinar Series

This webinar series will tackle all of the big questions you are asking yourself – what visual analytics features do my customers want? How do I make the most of my development resources? Do I build or buy? How do I get to market quickly with a partner I can count on?

Customer stories

LeanKit evaluates build vs. buy for their embedded analytics
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Pro sports teams gain customer insights with KORE Software & Tableau
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Stanley Healthcare visualizes the patient experience
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The reaction from our clients has been overwhelmingly positive. Clients that knew about Tableau, of course, they love it. Clients see how quickly we can drill into data combined with the prettiness. And, you know, smiles immediately pop on their face.

Let's Get Technical

Tableau Embedded Analytics Playbook

This playbook summarizes the key APIs and features that are used in embedded deployments, then dives into the key embedding requirements, explains how to accomplish those requirements, and supplies you with resources necessary to get up and running.

On Demand Embedded Analytics Demo

If delivering analytics to your customers is something you want to learn more about watch this 30 minute session and learn how to quickly connect to any data, leverage Tableau's flexibility to support a variety of use cases and easily maintain as business needs and customer demands change over time.

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