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Embedded Analytics Interview Series

Learn how data leaders are driving their business forward with a Tableau-powered embedded solution

For many organisations, embedding analytics into their apps and products enables them to improve the customer experience and maximise revenue. With Tableau's visual analytics capabilities, you can create your own embedded solution that’s easy to deploy with minimal cost and development.

Join the interview series to learn how data leaders from ICIS, Carrefour, Grindrod, Experian, and Telia are turning data into new business opportunities with a Tableau-powered embedded solution. Our data experts will share their insights to help you create your own embedded solution.

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On-Demand Webinars

Title Length
Embedded Analytics Interview | Data Monetisation at ICIS
What if your business could generate extra revenue faster by monetising your data? Watch this exclusive interview with the Head of Data Operations at ICIS and our panel of data experts to ...
58 min
Embedded Analytics Interview | Build vs Buy at Carrefour
Embedding visual analytics into your app or product is a great way to maximise engagement. But how do you start such a project—should you build or buy an embedded BI solution? To help you...
53 min
Embedded Analytics Interview | Accelerating Insights at Grindrod
Embedded analytics bolster data-driven decision-making by allowing users to access reports and visual displays directly within an application user interface. Learn how embedded analytics...
51 min
Embedded Analytics | How Experian are Turning Data into Products
Did you know that it's entirely possible to transform your business data into a marketable product that uses visual analytics to help achieve your business objectives? Watch this exclusive...
51 min
Embedded Analytics: How Telia are Offering Insights as a Service to Customers
Your customers expect to access data-based insights in every app and product they use to make smarter decisions. Find out how Telia—Sweden's largest telco—are delivering those insights with an...
50 min