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Q3 Developer User Group: Connectivity edition

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Every quarter, the Tableau Developer team organizes the Tableau Developer User Group, a community-driven event to inspire DataDevs to do more with the Tableau Developer Platform.

This quarter, we want to focus on one part of our Developer Platform: Connectivity. Tableau has more than 80 native data sources. If your data source is not on the list, we have APIs and other Developer Tools that allow you to build an integration to connect to these non-native data sources.

At this event, we will have two developers present and demo their integrations:

Getting a 100% Pass Rate with Tableau’s Connector SDK - Dylan Murphy, Ocient

Ocient is a relational database for massive scale analytics. In 2019, Ocient started getting questions about its ability to connect to Tableau for data visualization. Although Ocient bases most of its SQL off of the Postgres dialect, Ocient is a database written from scratch. In order to confidently tell its customers that it supported Tableau, Ocient needed a methodology, test suite, tooling, and the ability to specify how Tableau acts with Ocient. That’s exactly what the Connector SDK provided. Ultimately, Ocient got to 100% passing through the connector and learned a few lessons along the way.

Datorama and Tableau Integration - Nir Tzur and Noam Roiz, Datorama

Nir and Noam will walk through the two ways of integration, pulling data from Datorama to Tableau and pushing data from datorama to table through Hyper API and datorama JDBC driver.

About the speakers

Dylan Murphy

Senior Product Manager, Ocient

Noam Roiz

SMTS developer, Datorama.

Nir Tzur

Granular Data Team Leader, Datorama