Live Webinar

Q2 Developer User Group: Learn more about Analytics Extensions

We're sorry, this event has ended.

Check out how some of our DataDevs are using the Analytics Extensions to extend Tableau capabilities. We'll have some great demos and behind-the-scenes of building Analytics Extensions,formerly known as "External Services."


    • Location Data in Tableau - no hacks required
      Location data is part of nearly every analysis these days; and while Tableau bakes a lot of data into Desktop, sometimes you just need to kick it up a notch. Chris Toomey will show you how you can gain access to high-fidelity location data through Desktop and Prep, powered by Mapbox APIs.

    • Extending Tableau with Python
      Will Ayd will show how to leverage the open source pantab and AltTabPy libraries to source, cleanse and critically analyze data.
    • + Tableau Analytics API = Predictive Analytics in Tableau
      Learn how Tableau users without Machine Learning expertise can quickly perform predictive analytics in Tableau with using the latest Tableau Analytics Extension API.

    About the speakers

    Will Ayd

    Owner, innobi

    Petr Tsatsin

    CTO at Ople

    Chris Toomey

    Principal Solutions Architect at Mapbox