Q1 Developer User Group: How Tableau Server Admins use the Developer Platform

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Hear from experts and understand how Tableau Server Admins use the Developer Platform to fit their needs and make their work a little bit easier.


8:30 AM - Introduction
8:35 AM - One small step for Developers, one giant leap for Tableau Server Administration by Mark Kernke
8:50 AM - Common Tableau Server Admin use cases for the Developer Platform by Jonathan MacDonald
9:05 AM - How REST API helps scaling Tableau to a large enterprise by Mark Wu
9:20 AM - Q&A


About the speakers


Mark Wu

Tableau Zen Master

Mark’s knowledge of Tableau server is among the best. Mark drives one of the largest Tableau server deployments in the world. He has unique skills in server automation, Center of Excellence, and enterprise Tableau governance. Mark has been a leader in Tableau Server Admin forum.


Mark Kernke

Global Head of the Analytics Center of Excellence at Groupon

Based in Dublin, Mark heads Groupon's Analytics Centre of Excellence. He is also a Tableau User Group Leader where he brings together the sharpest minds in data viz to discuss new ideas, opinions, and best practices.


Jonathan MacDonald

Consultant, The Information Lab

Jonathan MacDonald, affectionately known as 'JMac' by his colleagues and the wider Tableau community, is a consultant at The Information Lab and is responsible for helping customers architect, deploy and maintain their Tableau Server environments as well as managing The Information Lab's AWS cloud solutions business. He's also an accredited Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server trainer, and holds the Certified Professional qualification in both products. He's been with The Information Lab since 2014 when he started out as a Tableau Desktop consultant, having worked as a BI contractor prior to that. Jonathan is also a coach at The Data School, helping to create the next generation of great data analysts.