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Behobene Probleme

Problem-Nr. Beschreibung

In certain cases, the metadata file exported from Tableau Server for SAML configuration wasn't recognized as a valid file when uploaded to an IdP.


In Tableau Server, when you used filter actions to navigate between sheets (e.g. drill down), a blank view sometimes resulted due to filtering on a null value.


When you added a user to Tableau Server with a Lotus Notes style email address in Active Directory, the user was unable to log in.


When you used a Microsoft Analysis Services data source in web authoring on Tableau Server, fields were not organized correctly and were sometimes missing in the data pane.


In Tableau Server, when two users attempted to save edits to the same workbook in web authoring mode, a nondescript error occurred instead of correctly warning that the workbook was being modified by another user.


In Tableau Server 9.1 or later, if there were multiple subscription schedules for the same workbook, they didn't run in parallel as they did in prior versions.


When you tried to delete a Tableau Server project containing a period in its name using the 'tabcmd deleteproject' command, an error occurred and the delete failed.


In Tableau Server, temporary files related to incremental extract refreshes were not being removed in a timely manner. This resulted in excessive consumption of temporary disk space.


Accessing Tableau Server in Internet Explorer didn't correctly redirect to HTTPS if the server (1) was configured with SSL, (2) used a non-default port, and (3) the user didn't access using its FQDN.


When connected to Teradata, query band statements weren't issued with initial SQL related queries.


When you selected the "Day to date" option in a relative date filter, the start time displayed differently in Tableau Server than in Tableau Desktop.


In Tableau Server general settings, the "Synchronize All Groups" action only synchronized a group on one site if the same group existed in multiple sites.


In a published view on mobile devices, selecting a mark that also triggers a dashboard action failed to display the corresponding tooltip.


In Tableau Server, with certain locales (e.g. Portuguese), the date header in parameter/filter calendar widgets didn't display correctly.

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