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Wir empfehlen die Verwendung der neuesten Version, 8.1.25, die zusätzliche Fehlerbehebungen enthält.

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Do, 24 Juli, 2014


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Using a calculated dimension whose value is determined by a parameter results in performance issues due to an unnecessary join and subsequent queries.


Tableau Desktop was not using temporary tables with Amazon RedShift connections. Temporary tables improve performance in some cases.


When using a secondary data source, a percentile aggregation in a calculated field caused an "Unexpected Error Incorrect data type" error.


On zip-code filled maps, the 04090 zip code displayed in both Maine and Puerto Rico.


When using an EXASolution data source, you could not sort by a dimension.


Passwords for Amazon Redshift data sources that contain percent symbols are now correctly handled.


Tableau Desktop didn't recognize some Japanese words for geographic locations. For example: アメリカ (United States of America), チャイナ (China), ジャパン (Japan), and 新加坡共和国 (Singapore).


Specifying an odd number of Stepped Color steps on a color palette sometimes displayed an extra color.


Switching to a worksheet after clicking the home icon in the upper right sometimes changed the connection icon to the live connection icon.


Teradata connection performance is improved for connections that include fields marked as not Null.


SAP BW calculations that mixed strings and numeric data showed as valid in Tableau Desktop, even though SAP BW does not support calculations returning strings, and the calculations generated errors. Tableau Desktop now marks these non-numeric calculations as invalid.


Copying sheets from one workbook and pasting them to another workbook sometimes created duplicated shapes on the shape palette.


When republishing a workbook that used an extract, you were not prompted for a password even when the original workbook had included an embedded password. Subsequent attempts to refresh the extract would fail due to an invalid (missing) password.


Custom images sometimes appeared blurry or broken when scaled up to a larger size than the original.


When a field was on the Pages shelf in a map view, mark labels sometimes appeared only on the first page.


When copying and pasting a sheet to another workbook, Tableau Desktop did not always properly paste parameters into the target workbook. A parameter in the target workbook could be maintained and this could alter results of calculations that included the parameter.


With cube data sources, you could not filter on calculated fields that used the SIGN function.


Fonts available in the Edit Label dialog (available by clicking Label in the Marks shelf and then clicking the ellipses next to the Text box) did not always appear in the Font dropdown list in the label formatting window (available when you click Label in the marks shelf).

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