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Release Notes for Tableau 9.2.6

Note: Tableau Desktop customers in environments with Product Updates enabled will be prompted to upgrade a few days after a maintenance release is made available. For more information, see the Tableau Knowledge Base.

10 Mär, 2016

New Capabilities

No new capabilities.

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Issue ID

In some cases in Tableau Desktop, filter actions used to navigate between dashboards took users to the wrong dashboard.


In some cases in Tableau Desktop, adding a sheet to a dashboard resulted in an internal error.


In Tableau Desktop, when you renamed dimensions in a Microsoft Analysis Services cube, existing workbooks connected to the cube threw errors when re-opened.


In certain cases, Tableau Desktop closed immediately after launch due to an internal licensing error.


Tableau Desktop crashed if you were connected to 3 or more published data sources while editing data source server and site paths.


In Tableau Desktop, when you created a local copy of a published data source, an internal error sometimes occurred.


In Tableau Desktop, when connected to an SAP BW data source, filtering out null values also incorrectly filtered out zeros.


In Tableau Desktop, NULL incorrectly appeared as a member of an IN/OUT set.


In Tableau Desktop, when you added a reference line based on certain table calculations, an error occurred: "No such table."


In Tableau Desktop, when connecting to SAP HANA, performance degraded when specifying type-in values for a large number of variables and sometimes caused Tableau Desktop to become unresponsive.


In Tableau Desktop, an update to Amazon Redshift caused temporary table creation to fail when creating new connections to Redshift.


In Tableau Desktop, when you applied a context filter, deselecting a single member of a set filter resulted in deselecting all members.

Tableau Server (Back to top)
Issue ID

Publishing a workbook or data source containing Teradata initial SQL to Tableau Server resulted in an error. This error also occurred when refreshing pre-9.2 extracts containing Teradata initial SQL on a server that had been upgraded to version 9.2.


In Tableau Server, when you published to a project with locked permissions, users were still able to edit group permissions in the Tableau Desktop publish dialog. Subsequently attempting to publish the workbook resulted in an error: "Cannot publish with modified permissions. Permissions are locked in the project you are publishing to. To publish this workbook, use the default permissions and try again."


In Tableau Server configured with SAML and multiple sites, either signing into the default site, and then switching sites, or signing into a non-default site caused sign out to fail.


In Tableau Server, the Cancel and Save buttons sometimes appeared in incorrect positions when modifying permissions, especially if the User/Group list was long.


In certain cases in Tableau Server, users were not able to sign in using their user principal name after being added to the server.


If you accessed Tableau Server in Internet Explorer 8 and made a filter selection, an error occurred: "Exception thrown and not caught."


In some cases, user view data was not properly written to the Tableau Server repository database, which resulted in incorrectly displayed user view statistics in the Tableau Server administrative views.


When editing permissions in Tableau Server, the Cancel and Save buttons sometimes appeared hidden and inaccessible outside of the visible User/Group list.


In web authoring on Tableau Server, when viewing the calendar control for a date filter, Sundays were missing and dates did not line up with the correct days.


In iOS Safari and Tableau Mobile, parameters were misaligned.


In Tableau Server, when you clicked a URL action referencing an email address, an error displayed even though an email client correctly opened.


Scheduled background tasks in Tableau Server sometimes failed to run due to expected periodic backgrounder process shutdowns while jobs were still queued.


In Tableau Server, general filters didn't work correctly on the Data Sources page.


Custom shape images appeared stretched and blurred when rendered in a browser.


In Tableau Server, certain views containing Measure Names with "Show Empty Rows/Columns" enabled failed to render on initial load.


When viewing a schedule in Tableau Server, "No extract refreshes" sometimes displayed even though the schedule contained tasks.

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Issue ID

In iOS Safari and Tableau Mobile, parameters were misaligned.

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