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Release Notes for Tableau 9.1.3

Tableau Desktop customers in environments with Product Updates enabled will be prompted to upgrade a few days after a maintenance release is made available. For more information, see the Tableau Knowledge Base.

17 Dez, 2015

New Capabilities

No new capabilities.

Tableau Desktop (Back to top)
Issue ID

Tableau Desktop sometimes quit unexpectedly after loading a story with a large number of story points.


When you downloaded a workbook with a changed site name in Tableau Server, the workbook did not open in Tableau Desktop.


In Tableau Desktop, attempting to connect to a table with no columns resulted in an error: "The table does not exist."


In Tableau Desktop, when you connected to a SAS statistical file, the number of rows read from the file were sometimes truncated without any indication.


In Tableau Desktop, when connected to Teradata, certain calculated field functions involving date fields resulted in an error: "ColumnTableau: Schema/DataTableau mismatch."


In Tableau Desktop, it was not possible to create an extract filter using certain date fields.


In Tableau Desktop, views filtered on calculated fields using the IIF function sometimes returned unexpected results.


Workbooks that previously worked properly in Tableau Desktop sometimes failed to open with an internal error.


In Tableau Desktop, workbooks sometimes crashed when publishing or loading a certain view.

Tableau Server (Back to top)
Issue ID

In Tableau Server, the view sometimes did not update with the correct selection when you searched for and then selected a value in a Multiple Values (dropdown) filter.


In Tableau Server, authenticating to a data source using a very long password (greater than 120 characters) failed.


Tableau Server installed in a Japanese localized environment did not send email alerts.


In Tableau Server, selecting a mark with a filter action configured to take you to another dashboard resulted in an error: "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined."


In Tableau Server, only an inactivity timer was used to check the lifetime of a user session, and the session's lifetime could be extended indefinitely. The session now expires based on an absolute timeout.


When Tableau Server was configured to require SSL for all connections to the internal repository database, the readonly user still connected without SSL.


In Tableau Server, a dashboard exported as an image sometimes included extra pixel artifacts.


In Tableau Server, creating a Japanese-named user and assigning the user to a Japanese-named site resulted in a null pointer exception.


In Tableau Server, tooltips sometimes failed to update when hovering your cursor between different dashboard objects.


Publishing a user specific view to Tableau Server via tabcmd with the --thumbnail-username option did not generate a valid thumbnail.


In Tableau Server, you could not export a published workbook via tabcmd if the workbook name began with a hyphen.


In Tableau Server, when you republished a data source or workbook with a previously assigned extract refresh schedule, selecting "None" did not remove the data source or workbook from the schedule.


In Tableau Server, limiting the number of site users sometimes resulted in an error: "The user quota must be greater than zero and less than or equal to the current number of users. The storage quota must be greater than zero."


When you downloaded a workbook with a changed site name in Tableau Server, the workbook did not open in Tableau Desktop.


In Tableau Server, extract refresh schedules were intermittently skipped with no apparent error or sign of failure.


In Tableau Server, searching for Active Directory groups sometimes timed out or was very slow.


When Tableau Server was configured to use SAML with Active Directory Federation Services, users could not correctly log out.


In Tableau Server, when you imported an Active Directory group containing an "@" character, the task failed with an error: "Group name contains invalid character (errorCode=10001)."


In Tableau Server, loading a published workbook in a browser that had the "Show Sheets as Tabs" option enabled sometimes caused the VizQL Server process to crash.

Tableau Reader (Back to top)
Issue ID

When you opened a packaged workbook in Tableau Reader, an error occurred that, once dismissed, did not prevent the workbook from opening normally: "Unable to find a matching connection config constructor for this class name."

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