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Versionshinweise zu Tableau 8.2.10

05 Mai, 2015

New Capabilities

This release adds support for Teradata OLAP 14.10.

This release adds MapR Hadoop Hive connectivity for the Mac.

A new build of Tableau Desktop is available for the Mac. This build (8200.15.0506.2110) corrects an issue that caused Tableau to fail to install on the Mac if Tableau had not been installed before. On Windows, the Tableau Desktop build is still 8200.15.0419.2232.

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Issue ID

When editing a calculated field using a formula that included English text and Arabic or Hebrew characters, the formula punctuation and text displayed incorrectly.


When you selected a file on SharePoint for use in Tableau Desktop or Tableau Reader, sometimes the file would not open.


Using Automatic Proxy Configuration on a Mac sometimes caused Tableau Desktop to stop responding.


When you edited a worksheet title in the Edit Title dialog box while using a right-to-left language (such as Arabic or Hebrew), clicking the Left alignment button showed the text as right aligned.


When a user filter referenced a field that was added to the filters shelf, and you included the user filter field in a dynamic title, the title did not display properly.

Tableau Server (Back to top)
Issue ID

When you navigated to a view a second time, after first opening it using a URL action, the view retained the filter selection from the URL action rather than showing an unfiltered view.


After you upgraded Tableau Server, the subscription icon for published views no longer appeared.


When exporting a dashboard from Tableau Server to a PDF or image file, extra lines appeared near the top of the view.


When you exported a published workbook as PDF, the page size didn’t use the value specified in the Server PDF Export dialog box. Multiple exports sometimes had different page sizes or orientations.


The "tabadmin warmup" command only worked if the primary server was configured with a gateway process.


When you attempted to access a workbook view that was published with embedded credentials from a Teradata OLAP connector, you were sometimes prompted for credentials and the view might never load.

Tableau Reader (Back to top)
Issue ID

When you selected a file on SharePoint for use in Tableau Desktop or Tableau Reader, sometimes the file would not open.

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