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08 Okt, 2013
Tableau Desktop (Back to top)
Issue ID

Tableau Desktop would start up slowly when the Tableau Repository is stored on a network share.

Renamed the tabsvc.dll to avoid cases where Windows would mistake it for one of its own DLLs during uninstall.

Reverting changes after selecting Keep Only on the color legend would not always work.

When connecting to MapR Hadoop Hive, HiveServer2 is now an option when selecting the type of database in the connection dialog box.


Clearing the option to Show Commands in a tooltip now hides the commands on all tooltips, including when hovering over headers in a view.

Added support for connecting to ParAccel Analytic Platform 4.0.

Color legends that were arranged into a single horizontal row would not always show the full list of dimension members.


When connecting to Amazon Redshift data sources, large extracts could fail and cause the error Bindings were not allocated properly. Unable to create extract.


Modifying a Multiple Values (Custom List) quick filter after switching between worksheets would show a blank box instead of matching results as expected.


The application would unexpectedly exit when navigating a list of values in a quick filter using the keyboard arrow keys.

When connected to a Microsoft SQL Server database, aliases, color legend changes, and sort order were not maintained after refreshing the connection.

The product would unexpectedly exit when opening a workbook after refreshing an extract from a MySQL database.

The application would become unresponsive when labels were rotated immediately after sorting a field in the view.

When connected to a version 5.x Aster database, aggregations were not calculated and displayed correctly.

When OpenGL was enabled, all marks except for circles would disappear from scatter plots.

In workbooks that connect to multidimensional (cube) data sources, modifying quick filters would sometimes cause a mismatched brackets error and the view would become desaturated.

In workbooks created in Tableau 7, using custom SQL could cause the error Sybase IQ error: Syntax error near '>' on line 8.


Corrected a security vulnerability related to URL redirects.

Users with the Viewer license level could interact with parameter controls; however, modifying the parameter would result in the error message, An error occurred communicating with the server (403).

Corrected a security issue in the publishing function of Tableau Desktop.


In some cases, replacing data sources in Tableau Desktop would cause the application to unexpectedly exit.


Corrected a security risk involving how URLs redirected when intercepted via a proxy.

In a published view, changing a date quick filter to 1d, when the filter was showing browse periods, would not update the view.


When connected to an Oracle database, aggregating measures as an AVG could cause a fetched column was truncated error. This error was caused by a precision error when handling large numeric values. These cases are now handled correctly and any additional precision warnings are shown in the status bar at the bottom of the workbook.

While using a time field on the Filter pane, moving backward in time caused page trails to disappear. If the history setting was changed to Highlighted option, the page trails did not disappear.

When legend highlighting was enabled, shape legends in a web browser would only show the selected shape. The other shapes would disappear instead of showing in a lighter gray.

Tableau Server (Back to top)
Issue ID

When using web authoring, clicking Done would redirect to the Workbook page if the underlying sheets in the dashboard were not published or were hidden during publish. This behavior gave unexpected results to the workbook page when using restricted trusted tickets. Clicking done now redirects back to the page the user was on prior to editing.

The error, Your session has expired do you want to log in again appeared intermittently while using the Permissions page.


Corrected a number of cross site scripting (XSS) security vulnerabilities.

Changes to a Tableau Server data source were not reflected when editing on the web until the host computer was restarted.

Clicking on a dashboard filter action would not show a spinner to indicate that the action was processing.


Opening a Single Values(Dropdown) quick filter would sometimes take several seconds to open in Chrome and Internet Explorer 8.

Tooltips would not always show all of the data, would show incorrect formatting, and often would clip action links at the bottom of the tooltip.

The Tableau Server data engine high availability is now more robust. The data engine will be suspended only when the license check is successful and the computer is unlicensed. If Tableau Server is unable to check the license, it will continuously restart itself and the data engine until the license is successfully checked.

Tableau Server would sometimes stop responding when accessing workbooks that had JOIN clauses that generated very large queries.

In a distributed Tableau Server environment, downloading a workbook would sometimes fail when the cluster was configured to have all Application Servers processes on workers instead of the primary computer.

Tableau Server would sometimes stop working or display a Session Ended by Server error when connecting to a Google BigQuery datasource.

Upgrading to Tableau Server 8.0 could fail if a custom All Users group has been defined.

Subscriptions would fail when a backslash (\) character existed in the SMTP username with the error message SMTP server authentication failed The backslash character is now supported in the username.


Tableau Server would stop working or display a Session Time Limit Exceeded error when left running continuously for longer than 50 days.

Text typed into a parameter control was incorrectly converted to upper case.

Exporting to PDF from an embedded workbook resulted in an HTTP Error 410 message.

When connected to an Amazon Redshift data source that had been published to Tableau Server, queries generated for relative date filters using the NOW() function, would sometimes result in the error message TableauServer-RedshiftError-06202013.txt.

A Vertica connection error sometimes appeared when connecting to a Vertica database.

In some cases, Tableau Server incorrectly reported that the data server was down on worker machines that did not have an Apache web server component installed.

Modifying a custom SQL parameter would not correctly update the view if there were context filters on the sheet.

Deleting an Active Directory user that had administrative rights, could also cause any groups the user created to be deleted.


A worksheet containing a title and nothing else would not render when published to Tableau Server

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