Enterprise Adoption Consultant

Getting Tableau in the hands of employees and empowering them to ask questions of their data is where you want to be. But it’s not as simple as distributing license keys. A successful deployment considers business needs, data governance, best practices, and training, to name a few. We are experts at helping companies successfully adopt Tableau across large enterprises, so let us help you. The Enterprise Adoption Consultant is your on-site navigator to deploying Tableau in your organization.

Accelerated adoption and time to value.

A dedicated Enterprise Adoption Consultant (EAC) will spend an entire year on-site with your company working to accelerate adoption of Tableau. They are committed to developing a structured approach for how to roll out Tableau across your company. Employing Tableau’s Drive methodology as the structure, they will address the following:

  • Infrastructure: hardware needs, scalability, and performance
  • Data: IT cooperation, data access, data quality, and data dictionary
  • Governance: procedures, user rights and permissions, and security
  • Center of Excellence: best practices, community, and adoption
  • Training and Support: education, enablement, and real-time assistance

Your EAC will be the go-to person on all aspects of the implementation and adoption of Tableau during the year-long engagement. Their number one goal is to make sure you are successful at deploying self-serve analytics to your organization so you can maximize the value of your investment.

At the end of the year, the number of people creating visualizations and interacting with Tableau will increase substantially and the EAC will leave you with a clear plan to move forward and continue scaling a culture of analytics.

The entire organization is getting revved up to use Tableau to help drive our business.

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