Snowflake + Tableau

Flexible analytics at scale

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Store and analyze your data in the Cloud

Modern businesses need to store and analyze their data efficiently. With Snowflake, organizations have the flexibility they need to scale their datawarehouse up or down as the situation demands it. Instead of painstakingly separating production and analysis databases, Snowflake uses virtual datawarehouses to allow unlimited access and computational power for any use case.

Of course, Snowflake's flexible performance is even more powerful with Tableau, which enables you to connect in a moment to any Snowflake warehouse, drag and drop to visualize data and prepare dashboards in minutes. It's a combination that makes data analysis flexible, fast and accessible to anyone.

Analyze your Snowflake Data in Tableau

Anyone can connect and analyze a Snowflake datawarehouse with Tableau in minutes. Watch this short video to see how you can quickly spin up a warehouse for analysis within Tableau, connect to data, drag and drop to analyze, and even join structured and unstructured data together.

Learn more about Tableau and Snowflake

Use the resources below to learn more about how you can use the power of Tableau and Snowflake together, and remember to download Tableau Desktop so you can get started connecting to your Snowflake datawarehouse today.