Add Firepower to Your Application with Interactive Visual Analytics

Starting with an overview of why the human brain responds more effectively to visual information and ending with recommendations for successful interface design, this web seminar will help you understand how the addition of visual analysis in your application can increase your customers’ satisfaction levels with your solution.

Your seminar leader, Dr. Jock Mackinlay, is a renowned expert on information visualization and HCI. Jocks has spent several years in research at Xerox PARC and has authored several papers, articles and books. He is currently Tableau’s director of visual analysis.

Jock will demonstrate the importance of visual analysis – including the iterative process of asking questions, creating pictures, discovering new hypothesis, and foraging for data.

In his talk, you’ll learn:

  • What years of research by psychologists, statisticians and others have taught us about information design and why that matters to you
  • How effective and flexible interface design can lead to higher level of human perception
  • What the ‘cycle of visual analysis’ is and how to effectively reason about data visually
  • How visual analysis can help your application by offering your customers faster insight, better analytics and better decisions

Watch today to learn how to quickly add analytical functionality your users will love.

About the speaker


Jock Mackinlay

Vice President, Research & Design, Tableau Software

Jock Mackinlay ist Vice President of Visual Analysis bei Tableau. An der Stanford University leistete er Pionierarbeit beim automatischen Design grafischer Darstellungen relationaler Informationen. 1986 ging er zu Xerox PARC, wo er in Zusammenarbeit mit der User Interface Research Group an der Entwicklung vieler neuartiger Anwendungen von Computergrafik für den Zugang zu Informationen beteiligt war. Er war es, der den Begriff „Informationsvisualisierung“ prägte. Viele Ergebnisse seiner Forschungsarbeit hat er in seinem Buch „Readings in Information Visualization: Using Vision to Think“ niedergeschrieben. Jock Mackinlay hat an der Stanford University in Informatik promoviert.

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