Case Submission Process

Why create a Support case?

The goal of this program is to reduce the overall time to resolution for our Partners and their customers. While some Partners may feel that engaging Tableau Support may put them in a weaker position with their customers, this is really just a matter of positioning the idea with the customer.

Generally, the best way to position this with the customer is to say something along the line of “This looks like it might be a complex issue, so we’re going to go ahead and get Tableau Support involved in order to expedite resolution for you.”

The sooner a case is created, the sooner we can help resolve the issue.

When to submit a case.
The best time to submit a case is as SOON as you become aware that the issue may be beyond your ability to resolve. While it is important to make every effort to resolve an issue in house, the longer you wait to engage Tableau Support, the longer it will take to resolve more complex issues.

Once you have determined that Tableau Support should be engaged, create a case immediately. If you are able to resolve the issue after the case has been created, we can always close that case with no action taken.

How to submit a case.

Create a case via the Partner Portal. Doing so will help to expedite case handling by allowing you to help set priority and fill in some of the administrative data. This is also the time to attach the completed Case Submission Template.

If a reproduction has been attempted or is in the process, please ensure that these steps and results are included on the Case Submission template.

Questions of a deeply technical nature (i.e. questions about libraries, protocols, network usage, etc.) are typically driven by some other project requirement or limitation. For questions that cannot be answered via our existing public documentation (Product Help and Knowledge Base), it is important that we understand the requirement or limitation that is driving the question.

Please note that any case received without a completed Case Submission Template may be delayed while the required information is collected.

I’ve submitted a case. Now what?

Now that a case has been submitted, our Support team will review it. Please note our Targeted Response Times. Based on the outcome of our review of the Case Submission Template, we will also either ask for additional information or advise that the case is being moved to a Resolution Engineer.

Occasionally, the Partner Portal may not immediately display a case number. In such a case, please do not submit the case again as doing so results in duplicates, slowing down response times.