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Government: Human & Health Services Analytics Campaign

Campaign Description

HHS agencies are depending more on data, and they realize the importance of systems modernization and security. A brand new survey points out several unique insights about how this audience views and interacts with data and analysis. There is a significant opportunity to help them see and understand their data. For example in this survey 46% of HHS agency respondents indicated that their current reporting needs are not being met. Much of this change and need for increased reporting comes from the Affordable Care Act. Ultimately HHS technology spend represents the largest part of state & local government IT markets.

Target Audience

Departments: Federal Department of Health & Human Services and associated State branches (except Utilities).

Roles/Titles: Program Manager/Analyst, Data Processing Manager, Health Program Specialist, Health Data Manager, Website Manager, Executive/C-Level, Senior Management, Subject Matter Expert

Campaign Components

  • Co-branded Tableau.com Issue Brief Landing Page
  • HTML email template
  • Text email template
  • Recommendations for social media and web traffic
  • On-Demand Webinar Series
  • Follow-up call guide
  • Follow-up text email

Campaign Execution

(Use the "How-to" links for execution tips and tricks.)

Step 1: Set Up Your Campaign Landing Page

To run this campaign, first set up your own lead-capture landing page on Tableau.com. This landing page displays your logo, captures lead information, and assigns to you any leads that Tableau does not already have. The leads can be accessed through your Partner Management Center account.

To set this up, email partnermarketing@tableau.com to identify your Partner Node number. You will use this Node number in the campaign page URL. For example, a partner with Partner Node number 32689 (example), their campaign landing page URL is: http://www.tableau.com/learn/whitepapers/how-effectively-analyze-critical-hhs-data?id=32689

Learn more about setting up your page and tracking leads through the Tableau website. How-To

Step 2: Promote to your database

  • Promotional Email. Use this co-branded email template to promote your landing page to your list of customers and prospects. After you right click on the HTML Email link, choose "Show Page Source," then copy and paste the HTML code into an email service of your choice. How-To | HTML Email

  • Personal Email. Use these example text-based personal emails to drive traffic to the campaign landing page. Download

Step 3: Find new prospects

  • Drive web traffic. Optimize your website and paid search for the campaign. How-To

  • Go Social. Attract customers online through an integrated social media campaign. Use this as a time to share your thought leadership ideas and content. | How-To

    Here are some tips to help you with a Government/HHS social media campaign:

    • Share out relevant posts from the Tableau Blog or your own blog.
    • Tag @Tableau in your Twitter or Facebook posts to expand your audience.

Step 4: Follow Up

Step 5: Keep the conversation going

Your marketing doesn't stop here. Keep the conversation going by nurturing the lead with other helpful content:

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