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5 Schritte zur Prävention und Aufklärung von Betrugsfällen mit Data Analytics

Betrüger entwickeln immer gerissenere und komplexere Methoden, denen herkömmliche Schutzvorkehrungen kaum noch gewachsen sind. Die Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), eine internationale…

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7 Kriterien für die Einbettung von BI

Ein praktischer Leitfaden für Softwarefirmen zur Frage: Eingebettete Datenvisualisierung und Business Intelligence selbst erstellen oder zukaufen? Mit Ihrer Anwendung unterstützen…

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Supply chain analytics: Deliver more with less

Navigating today’s global supply chain is a series of complex, ongoing challenges. But forward-looking companies are finding that the challenges bring opportunities to optimize their supply chain—no…

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How to Integrate Data Into Your Daily Decisions to Drive Team Alignment and Agility

The key to better, faster business decisions? Data. Explore three ways to easily integrate data-driven decision making into your daily workflows and start making an impact with data.

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Modern Manufacturing: 4 Ways Data is Transforming the Industry

Like it or not, manufacturing is moving faster and leaner as dated, status-quo business systems fall to the wayside. More than ever the manufacturing industry must organize and understand massive…

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Manufacturers:<br>Moving from Complexity to Clarity

Leaders in manufacturing organisations are under pressure to create business value. You need to identify risks in complex supply chains, achieve sustainability goals, enable your teams to…

2022 Survey Findings: Pharma & MedTech Supply Chain Analytics

Digital transformation and the 4th industrial revolution are major operational themes for Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices leaders. Companies that have embraced technology and analytics have seen…

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Convince your boss Tableau is right for your team

You know that investing in Tableau makes sense. Decision-makers have a bigger appetite for data, and the more they see, the more they want. They might not understand how much more value you could…

The Great Resignation in Asia-Pacific: Is data the answer for companies?

A trend that saw millions of people resign their jobs in the United States and then Europe in 2021, is now a matter of concern across the Asia-Pacific too. Talent shortages have been reported in…

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