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Small Business, Big Insights: How to Drive Better Business Outcomes with Tableau

Join Tableau and our trusted partner XeoMatrix for a show & tell about how to get more out of your Tableau investment. Learn how XeoMatrix and Tableau can jumpstart your development and help…

57 min
Design Your Data Fabric for a Successful Data Culture

Data fabric architecture is a set of technologies working together to deliver a trusted data foundation. Join guest Forrester and Tableau for insights into data fabric designs and how they have…

46 min
Tableau Cloud for Enterprises - A dialogue session with and Visidata

Tableau Cloud is a fast, flexible, easy-to-use self-service platform designed to fit your enterprise architecture. It streamlines the power of data to make people faster and more confident…

18 min
Jumpstart analytics with Tableau Accelerator

Tableau Accelerators are pre-built dashboards designed to help you get a jumpstart on data analysis. Tailored to specific industries and enterprise applications, Accelerators are built with sample…

15 min
  • Financial Services
  • Insurance
How Insurers and Brokers Can Discover New Sales Opportunities with Data-Driven Analytics

For insurers and brokers, having a single analytics platform to analyse all of your customer data will help you discover new sales opportunities. Want to see how?

Watch this short demo to…

12 min
  • Financial Services
  • Insurance
How Financial Services Can Maximise Customer Loyalty by Offering Insights-as-a-Service

Want to see how your financial services firm can maximise customer loyalty by offering insights-as-a-service via an analytics solution embedded directly into your app, product, or web portal?…

9 min
  • Financial Services
  • Insurance
How Financial Services Can Personalise the Customer Experience with AI-Powered Analytics

Want to see how your financial services firm can create a personalised customer experience using AI-powered analytics—helping you compound the value of your customers?

Watch this demo to…

8 min
  • Financial Services
  • Insurance
Tableau for Financial Services and Insurance

Financial services advisors, managers, and executives face complex decisions every day.  Tableau can help our Financial Services and Insurance customers gain insights and answer critical questions…

24 min
Beyond Instinct: Using data to achieve customer-centric growth

Consumers across the globe are facing an economic squeeze. Businesses need to work smarter to ensure they keep their customers engaged and spending with them. A customer-centric approach can lead…

60 min
Data Management in Action

Building Trust and Improving Visibility in your Data Assets

Introducing Tableau’s Add-on solution for Data Management, designed to help our customers accelerate the adoption of self-…

45 min