Website Analytics: Improving Conversions and Lifting ROI

How important is your website to your business? Do you know how to tell if it's working efficiently? Many marketers don't, because despite the flood of data websites create-visits, page views, average time on site, average time on page, referrals, traffic flow, clicks-to-purchase none of them correlate directly to sales, revenue and return on marketing spend.

In order to accurately understand how effective a website is-and how to make it work better-marketers need to know the metrics that matter. These are the numbers that, taken as a whole, will give you real insight into what's happening to customers and prospects on your site, and what you have to do to convert more of them into sales and leads.

Join online marketing experts Amy Africa and Rio Longacre on this in-depth webinar as we discuss:

  • How to draw actionable conclusions from your mountains of Website data.
  • Which metrics mean trouble for your marketing?
  • Which metrics offer opportunities to increase conversions and revenue?
  • How to optimize your website using the insights from the data to improve marketing performance and increase conversions.

In partnership with:

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