Bringing Data Alive

Deriving Insights at speed of business using Tableau

The business of Nike Inc. is more than just another retail business. The inherent complexities of a fashion-linked industry with constantly changing trends, a complex franchising supply chain set-up along with the number of SKUs to be managed on an on-going basis throws up a very important need to derive insights from data visualization.

This webinar talks about these challenges in detail and then outlines the key solutions that TEG Analytics and Tableau have created to align the speed of insights creation with the speed of business.

Learn more about Tableau and how TEG Analytics is able to bring data alive for Nike, by understanding the different kinds of data visualization needs of business decision makers at Nike. And hear from Nike themselves on how the usage of Tableau has helped them to better see and understand their data.

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Über die Referenten

Narasimha Rao

Tech Manager, Nike Inc.

Arpan Gupta

VP, Product Development, TEG Analytics

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