Visualizing the 2020 Census Data

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Are you interested in mapping your data against the 2020 census? Join us at 1 PM on Thursday, July 29th as Sarah Battersby demonstrates how to find and import the 2020 census data into Tableau. We'll explore the techniques used to combine and visualize your data with it. Want to make it more hands on? Submit questions and examples ahead of time and we'll cover it live.


Über den Referenten

Sarah Battersby

Principal Research Scientist, Tableau Research at Salesforce

Sarah Battersby is a Principal Research Scientist on the Tableau Research team at Salesforce. Sarah’s primary area of focus is cartography, with an emphasis on cognition. Her work emphasizes how to help everyone visualize and use spatial information more effectively – no advanced degree in geospatial required. Sarah holds a PhD in GIScience from the University of California at Santa Barbara. She is a member of the International Cartographic Association Commission on Map Projections, and is a Past President of the Cartography and Geographic Information Society (CaGIS). Sarah’s work can be found on Twitter at @mapsOverlord.