The Visual Analysis Journey

Join this webinar to learn how to explore your data with the power of visual analytics, including...

  • How visual analysis enables you to dig deeper into your data
  • The secret process for discovering new insights

Tableau does more than produce beautiful visualisations. See for yourself how Tableau takes you on a journey of data exploration to help you find insights that you never expected.

You'll hear from three leading data experts about their process for visually exploring data, helping you to choose the best visualisations that unlock new questions and answers of your data.

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About the speakers


Prof. Dr. Klaus Schulte

Klaus is a professor of Management Accounting and the Vice Dean at Münster School of Business. He also runs his own consultancy, and blogs at vizjockey.com.

He initially downloaded Tableau in November 2016, when Thierry Driver from the Tableau Academic Team did a workshop at Münster School of Business. However, he only started using the product in July 2017 when he contributed to #makeovermonday for the first time. This was also when he opened a Tableau Public and Twitter account and started getting more involved in the community. Since then he has been a regular contributor to #makeovermonday, #vizforsocialgood and #sportsvizsunday to improve his Tableau skills. He has been a Tableau Public Featured Author and at this year’s Tableau Conference Europe in London he won the IronViz European Championship!

He loves spending time with his wife and two daughters, he reads a lot and he's interested in sports of all kinds.

Check out his Tableau Public profile and follow him on Twitter.

Sarah Bartlett TC21 Hubb Headshot

Sarah Bartlett

Tableau Enablement Consultant, Red Hat | Tableau Visionary

Sarah has been working in data / analytical roles for over 10 years, of which the last 4 years have been spent working with Tableau. She is a Tableau Visionary, Social Ambassador and co-leads the London Tableau User Group. You can follow Sarah on her blog Sarah Loves Data where she writes about her data visualisation journey with a focus on particular projects she is working on. You can also follow @sarahlovesdata on Twitter. View Sarah's Tableau Public profile.


Daniel Caroli

Business Analyst - Care UK

Daniel works as a business analyst at Care UK and is incredibly passionate about working with data which lead to the final of Iron Viz at Tableau Conference Europe 2018.

You can follow Daniel on his blog Data vs Food where he writes about everything data visualisation. You can also follow @danifornication on Twitter.

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