Top 10 Business Intelligence Trends for 2014

The innovation in data and analytics continues to accelerate, transforming the staid old business intelligence industry into a new source of value for the enterprise. The result has been data in the hands of more people and the ability to drive better decisions. And the wave of innovation isn’t even close to over.

This webinar highlights the 10 trends Tableau predicts for 2014, including:

  • The rise of cloud business intelligence as well as cloud data warehouses
  • The mainstreaming of data skills
  • A new openness in the enterprise to adopt innovation, as long as there’s value
  • Embedded business intelligence and why it’s becoming critical
  • And more emerging trends

Attend this live webinar to learn the 10 game-changing business intelligence trends we're predicting for 2014.

Über die Referenten

Ellie Fields

Senior Director, Product Development

Francois Ajenstat

Chief Product Officer, Tableau Software

Ted Wasserman

Product Management, Tableau

Daniel Hom

Product Marketing Specialist, Tableau Software
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