Tableau Virtual Test Drive - English (10 Jun)

Tableau is all about making data analytics fast, easy, beautiful and most importantly, useful.

Join us for our Tableau Virtual Test Drive and we'll show you how to connect to your data and visualize your queries without writing a single line of code. You'll learn how to create a dashboard from scratch and see how you can quickly analyze, visualize, share information and publish your results. Whether you measure your data in petabytes or in billions of rows, Tableau is built to work as fast as you do.

It's self-service analytics, for everyone.

Please ensure to provide a valid email address during registration as this will be required to log into the Tableau platform during the hands-on portion.

*For the best experience, we recommend extending your display with another screen so that you can follow along in Tableau Desktop while attending the virtual session.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to quickly connect to your data, explore different questions and eventually build a dashboard to answer a deeper question.
  • Learn how to publish your dashboard to Tableau Server/Online as a platform of collaboration.

What will be covered

  • Connect to data from multiple sources
  • Building different analyses by slicing and dicing the data
  • Quickly get insights through Ask Data (Natural Language Processing)
  • Harness the power of machine learning through Explain Data
  • Combine different analyses into a single dashboard
  • Share, collaborate and interact with your team

Who should attend?

    Anyone who wants to learn the basics of Tableau Desktop to perform self-service analytics.

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