How Alteryx and Tableau Bring Data together for EMC

Getting all the right information in the same place for analysis is challenging and time consuming. On top of corralling the data, blending disparate data is another common pain point for organizations that rely on accuracy to make decisions.

To tackle these challenges, EMC adopted Tableau and Alteryx to deliver fast and accurate analytics. So far, this has fueled an 8x productivity increase and actionable insights across the company.

Watch this webinar with Wendy Gradek, Senior Manager of Business Intelligence and Analytics at EMC. Learn how Wendy and her team were able to empower trusted business insights in areas such as customer service field analytics and R&D analytics.

This one hour session shares insights on:

  • Improvements EMC is achieving in resource optimization, usability, and boot camps
  • Real feedback from the teams using Alteryx and Tableau on the ground
  • How Tableau and Alteryx work together to deliver deeper data analysis, faster

About the speaker


Wendy Gradek

Consultant Product Manager, Advanced Proactive Services team for Global Services, EMC Corporation

Wendy Gradek has over 15 years of services and analytics experience—spending the past 8 years dedicated to senior roles in Business Intelligence and Analytics. At EMC she is helping define best practices, guiding principles of metrics, core competencies, and data tenants in the areas of data consumption, tools, security, and visualizations. Prior to her work in BI and Analytics, Wendy was a research scientist in the biotech space working on genetic detection kits and analyzing DNA markers. Wendy holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and a minor in Biochemistry from the University of San Francisco.

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