Office Hours

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Office Hours are exclusive to Tableau Training Pass holders.

Audience: Office Hours are designed for learners who have started their Tableau learning journey and have completed Desktop I: Fundamentals. Focusing on applied skills covered in Desktop II: Intermediate (and beyond), this session is for anyone who works with data and is looking for a little more guidance from our Tableau experts in the topical areas listed (below).

Duration: One hour of live questions and answers.

Prerequisites: Completion of Desktop I: Fundamentals.

Learning Objectives: Office Hours are more open-ended than other courses Tableau offers. You define what you would like to learn more about.

Topics might include (but are not limited to):

  • Understanding Sets and Parameters
    • Creating dynamic sets and parameters
    • Defining parameter actions versus set actions
  • Creating Relationships in Data Sources
    • Use cases for Relationships versus Joins versus Blends
  • Using Levels of Detail (LOD) and Calculations
  • Dashboard Best Practices and Advice
    • Defining your audience
    • Interactivity and actions
    • Layouts
    • Showing and hiding containers

Questions? Check out the Virtual Course FAQ.