5 Keys to a Modern Data Strategy by InterWorks (Perth)

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A successful data and analytics strategy can evolve your business, but data is hard—really hard. Most companies completely change their BI strategy every three years. But why?

InterWorks is bringing our experts to you to explain the essential ingredients for a successful data and analytics strategy that will help you avoid distraction and optimise your ROI.

Join us to change your outlook on data and analytics strategy. We'll see you there!

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This event is part of the 5 Keys to a Modern Data Strategy Roadshow presented by InterWorks, Dataiku, Matillion, Snowflake and Tableau.  

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About the speakers


Regional Director - Asia Pacific, InterWorks

As part of a 25-year career in data and technology, Robert has been assisting organisations in Asia Pacific of all sizes and verticals in finding and maintaining success with their data and analytics.  In his 15 years with InterWorks and serving as the Director for Asia Pacific, Robert has worked with some of the largest companies in the world as a trusted advisor and solution partner.


Head of Analytics, Victoria, Transurban

Michael Spence is Head of Analytics at Transurban's Victorian business. Transurban manage and develop urban toll road networks in Australia, the United States and Canada. He has over 20 years’ experience in delivering analytical solutions across a diverse range of industry sectors. At Transurban, Michael has developed an ecosystem of people, processes and technologies that has made information accessible to a data rich organisation. Within 2 years, Michael has grown the analytical capabilities within Transurban to a point where 1 in 3 people within the organisation are now actively using Tableau content for analysis.