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Looking for ideas on how to use Tableau across industries? Invite us to join your club. Become Tableau-Approved. Network with others.


Visualize your data in real-world scenarios. Gain access to resources and packaged materials.


Connect with Tableau employees. Ask them about their experiences and what led them to a career in Tableau.


Meet like-minded individuals and learn together. Take what you learn and share it with others.


Find the best practices of creating dashboards, stories, and visualizations tailored to what interest you.

Jumpstart your career with Tableau.

Learn how to gain valuable in-demand data skills that impress future employers.

Take what you learn and share it with others. There are more than 1.2 million terabytes of data online. The world runs on data. At Tableau, we help people see and understand data. So learn Tableau, and then run the world.

Get started with the Data analytics for university students guide. Click through the SlideShare to get inspired. Download your free student version of Tableau, and try it out for yourself.

Why become Tableau-Approved?

  • Companies are hiring new grads with data analytics skills
  • Linkedin found that among the skills companies need most is #1 Creativity and #3 Analytical Reasoning. Tableau will strengthen both!
  • Tableau is a data visualization tool that saw the third-largest surge in demand. Tableau lets you create advanced charts and graphs and requires no coding - Forbes on Data Culture

Term Requirements

  • Download a Tableau for Students free license
  • Create a Tableau Public club account to build online portfolio
  • Create a viz at the beginning and at the end of the club term
  • Upload a viz to TableauPublic using #TableauForClubs
  • Contribute to Generation Data where club members will submit one story per semester/per quarter detailing how you used Tableau and what you learned

Viz Games

Excite your club, improve skills, and boost engagement with a visualization showdown. We’ve taken our years of experience in running viz contests and packaged up our top tips just for you.

Start planning your viz games

Viz Design Workshop

Want to help your club take their dashboards to the next level? A Viz Design Workshop is a fun and interactive way for users to learn and apply visual analytics best practices.

Viz Design Workshop

Data is important in any industry. My club focuses on learning Tableau fundamentals so members are prepared for life outside of the classroom.

More Resources

Tableau Blueprint

Entering the workforce? Tableau Blueprint contains the best practices for building the capabilities you need to create a successful, data-driven organization. If you understand how enterprise software works, you can take your professional persona to the next level. Be a forward thinker.

Explore Data Culture

Visual Analysis Best Practices

Bringing your visualizations from “good” to “great” takes time, patience, attention to detail, and some basic knowledge of visual analysis best practices. Luckily, we have compiled an important list of techniques to get you started.

Visual Analysis Guidebook

Guide to Building an Effective Dashboard

A well-designed dashboard is a powerful launch point for data-driven conversations. Learn how to make an impression when applying for your first job.

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Filter by "Academic" or find an industry that interests you. See how data comes into play with everything you do.

Überschrift Länge
  • Kommunikation
Big Data Analyse - Eine Studie von BARC mit anschliessender Demonstration durch Tableau

Wiederholung des Webinars vom 23. April, welches aus technischen Gründen nicht stattgefunden hatte:
Daten werden im Zuge der Big-Data-Revolution zu einem ebenso wichtigen Produktionsfaktor…

55 min
Business Intelligence im Zeitalter von Self-Service Analytics

Ermöglichen moderne Auswertungswerkzeuge inzwischen auch Spezialisten aus dem Fachbereich erfolgreich Informationen aus dem Datenschatz zu heben? Was muss dabei beachtet werden? Worauf wird bei…

55 min
7 Tipps für den Erfolg mit Big Data

Ganz gleich, ob Sie ein Kleinunternehmer sind oder einem Großunternehmen angehören - es ist wahrscheinlich, dass es mehr Daten als je zuvor gibt, die Sie täglich auswerten müssen.


60 min
  • Hochtechnologie
From Data to Money - Praktische ad hoc Analysen aus Sicht einer Tableau-Anfängerin

Aeria Games hat eine rasch wachsende Community von über 45 Millionen Kunden aus über 30 Ländern und einem breiten Portfolio an Entwicklungspartnern die kostenlose Online Spiele für Multiplayer…

56 min
  • Kommunikation
Entdecken Sie Tableau und meistern Sie die Kunst der Datenvisualisierung

Actinvision lädt Sie ein, Tableau Software, Marktführer für Datenvisualisierung zu entdecken. Erst kürzlich von wurde das Unternehmen in den BARC- und Gartnerberichten mit großer Mehrheit…

55 min
Big Data erfolgreich zum Anwender bringen: Success-Story von Accenture

Die zunehmende Verfügbarkeit von Daten ("Big Data") bietet nicht nur Chancen für wertschaffendes Performance Management, sondern auch für Marketing, Business Development und Geschäftsstrategien…

56 min
  • Financial Services
  • Banking
Driving Bankers, Branch Managers, or Financial Services Data Analysts Toward Data-Based Decision Making with Tableau and IBM

Financial Services Institutions are deluged with data in terms of volume and velocity. To bring insights closer to the surface, they need advanced technologies to gather, sort, analyze and present…

44 min
  • All - Industries
Creating Business Alignment in Analytics

Amid plans to super-charge digital transformation efforts across Asia Pacific, forward-thinking CIOs are moving beyond siloed thinking to create new levels of business alignment in analytics.…

40 min
  • All - Industries
Get to Know Tableau Data Management

Do you want a self-service analytics environment that's built to make data prep, cataloging, search, and governance easier for both IT and analysts—even as your data assets grow?


27 min
  • All - Industries
Fostering data-driven conversations

Data is the key to business transformation, as companies look to accelerate into the post-pandemic new normal. However, many organisations across Asia-Pacific are struggling to fully unlock their…

65 min

We offer free one-year Tableau licenses to students at accredited academic institutions through our Tableau for Students program. Receive access to our entire eLearning suite once verified.