Leicestershire County Council Opens its Doors to Data with Tableau

Pioneering Research and Insight Team provide greater access and insight, enhancing service delivery for one million residents

Veröffentlichungsdatum: 17 Juli, 2014 (Den ganzen Tag)

Tableau Software (NYSE: DATA), a global leader in rapid-fire, easy-to-use business analytics software, today announced that Leicestershire County Council is taking its first steps to promote greater data understanding across the entire organisation. The Research and Insight Team has deployed Tableau to enhance its analysts’ ability to explore, compare and communicate council performance data faster, to better serve local residents with the front-line services that matter to their neighbourhoods.

All UK county councils use a local Research and Insight Team to ensure that staff get the data they need to work effectively. Leicestershire County Council is finding that with Tableau they have turned their informational delivery of data into a delivery that is able to offer deeper insights.

Research and Insight Team Leader at Leicestershire County Council, Robert Radburn explains: “We provide information to support council workers in areas as diverse as crime and community safety, economics, demography, and around both children and adult issues, for almost a million residents.”

Tableau enables Radburn’s team to have deeper conversations about the connections between data, solving more complex questions with greater speed. The team manages many different local government data sets, providing insights and answers for council staff with diverse roles such as social care workers, highway maintenance workers and librarians. The team role involves consultations with staff seeking answers from their data to drive through service roadblocks.

“We used to provide our colleagues with information around ‘what’, and we were often unable to deliver the ‘why’”. Radburn continues, “Tableau has opened up greater possibilities for us by allowing staff to interrogate data and see results on-the-fly in an easily understandable format. We’re changing how people think about our data and the services we provide, because they are now enabled to ask questions and thereby drive insights that simply were too complex to see before, or to answer simpler questions much faster. It’s an exciting time as we really unleash our pre-existing data resources and make even better decisions using what we have. The more data people have the more they ask!”

The next stage for Radburn’s team is to cover all data-rich parts of the organisation, adding faster value to existing service delivery. Immediate targets include contact centre, customer and website data. The organisation is driving ever-greater efficiency and opening up transparency, making it quicker for both staff and residents to do what they need to do.

“Leicestershire County Council is making it fast and easy for workers to make better-informed decisions. Seeing and understanding data with Tableau makes service delivery slicker. It provides a clear picture of what has happened, is happening right now, and provides a basis for forecasting future activity,” commented James Eiloart, VP, EMEA, Tableau Software.

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