14 Oktober, 2020
Tableau Launches Free Data Literacy Training Program
6 Oktober, 2020
Tableau Hosts Largest-Ever Gathering of Data Enthusiasts, Showcases New Product Innovations at Tableau Conference-ish
6 Oktober, 2020
PolicyLink and the National Equity Atlas Team Up with Tableau Foundation to Make Data a Cornerstone of Racial Justice Efforts Across the United States
6 Oktober, 2020
Tableau and Einstein Analytics Come Together to Drive Analytics Ubiquity
26 August, 2020
Tableau Foundation Commits Nearly $2 Million to Address Immediate Impact of COVID-19, Long Term Education Opportunities for Students of Color Across Seattle and King County
12 August, 2020
Tableau 2020.3 Adds External Write to Database, Enhanced Administrator Tools
6 Juli, 2020
GovTech and Tableau renew partnership to deepen data skills in Singapore’s public service
17 Juni, 2020
MEDIA ALERT: Bank Mandiri partners Tableau to build a data-driven culture
2 Juni, 2020
MEDIA ALERT: Tableau Expands Cloud Capability for Asia Pacific Customers with New Regions in Japan and Australia
7 Mai, 2020
Tableau 2020.2 Introduces New Data Model for Powerful Multi-Source Analysis, Metrics for KPI Monitoring